Notice from Directorate-General for Health

To all children, young people and adults returning from an area with active community transmission of

the new coronavirus, such as Northern Italy, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan or Iran, the

Portuguese Directorate-General for Health reports that to this date, following guidelines from the

World Health Organization (OMS), there are no restrictions on your stay in our country.

However, you are advised to, during the next 14 days:

• Be aware of the appearance of fever, cough or difficulty breathing;

• Measure body temperature twice a day and record the values;

• Check if any of the people you live with closely develop symptoms (fever, cough or difficulty


• If any of the referred symptoms appear (in yourself or the ones near you), do not go immediatly to

Health services;

• Call the SNS24 (800 24 24 24);

• Follow the guidelines of the SNS24.

It is also recommended:

• Wash your hands frequently, with soap and water, rubbing them well for at least least 20 seconds;

• Reinforce hand washing before and after preparing food or meals, after using the bathroom and

whenever your hands are dirty;

• Alternatively, use an alcohol-based solution for hand hygiene;

• Use tissue paper (single use) to blow;

• Throw used tissues in a waste bin and wash your hands immediately;

• Cough or sneeze into your arm with your elbow flexed, not your hands;

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty or contaminated hands. respiratory secretions;

• Avoid staying in closed and crowded places within 14 days after the return;

• Avoid physical contact with other people for 14 days after returning.

The evolution of the situation can be followed at

These measures are part of the International Public Health Emergency declared by OMS, following the

epidemic of a new coronavirus. Countries have increased their vigilance to quickly diagnose possible

new cases of COVID-19.

Thank you for helping us to help you!